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Our goal is to identify and intervene on behalf of young dyslexic students in grades K-3, as well as provide educators with a superior reading curriculum that will benefit all students.



Our Focus

Our larger focus and greater vision is to save the self-esteem of our struggling readers so that they will achieve academic success.


Our passion

Our passion is to bring dyslexia awareness to educators and parents and bring out the very best in all students.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a self-sustaining foundation that supports dyslexia friendly curriculum, teacher/interventionists, provide professional development for our teachers and administrators.

About Us


We are the Hall Family.

Our foundation was formed in the memory of a tremendous friendship between two boys that overcame adversity, succeeded beyond all expectations and above all have a compassion for those in need or suffering that can only been had if you struggled and have been marginalized by society.

Our Story

Dyslexia Facts

20% percent of our society is dyslexic

  • Those with dyslexia use about 5 times more energy to complete mental tasks.
  • Dyslexia ranges from mild to severe. It is common for people with dyslexia also to have ADHD.
  • Children have a 50% chance of having dyslexia if one parent has it.
    50% chance
  • About 70 to 85% of children who are placed in special education for learning disabilities are dyslexic.
  • Dyslexia is the most common learning disability. Individuals have difficulty in the areas of language processing.